Welcome to SCIU #64, for the weeks of June 29th – July 12th.

This week the following new titles were announced:

Risk: Game of ThronesRisk: Game of ThronesUSAopoly has released final details and pictures of the latest upcoming Risk variant. In Risk: GoT up to 7 players can attempt to control map using 2 different game board maps. The maps of Essos (2 players) and Westros (3-5 players) can be played individually or combined for a huge battle. In addition there are 28 character cards which offer special abilities to the players House, which will help in battle or acquisition of victory points.

Attack on TitanAttack on Titan is one of our favorite animes, and while we’re eagerly awaiting the release of the movie Cryptozoic Entertainment have announced that in 2016 we’ll have a board game to play as well. An interesting mechanic introduced in the game is that the player controlled Titan piece is a vertical element on which the other players must climb in order to take it down.

Mare Nostrum: Empires – This successfully Kickstarted game by Academy Games will see players take control the empires of the ancient Mediterranean basin. The players will be battling it out for control by managing resources in order to win by cultural development, economic grown, military power, or political leadership. This is a re-release of Serge Laget‘s 2003 game of the same name.

Darkness Comes Rattling – Releasing in September is this new, 2-6 player, cooperative fantasy board game by Wyrd Miniatures and Kevin Wilson. The eternal night was caused by the serpent-like Darkness which swallowed the sun, now players will assume the roles of tribe leaders in order to free the world. This is done by them exploring the world and completing challenges during their quest.Darkness Comes Rattling

In other news:

AMC has just released this new trailer to give us a sneak peak of the upcoming October 11 premiere of The Walking Dead season 6.

It seems Warner Bros is in the process of moving all Vertigo-based movies over to New Line, while all DC Universe content stays with them. This will see Jospeh Gordon-Levitt‘s Sandman movie being moved across, however Justice League Dark, which includes certain Vertigo characters is staying.