Welcome to SCIU #59, for the weeks of April 20th – May 3rd.

This week the following new titles were announced:

Rum & BonesRum & BonesCoolMiniOrNot have released details of their plans for 15 products relating to their new Rum & Bones combat miniatures game series. The core set will launch in September, with a game play style similar to the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. Players will attempt to board and disable the opponent’s ship using their pirate crew heroes. The game raised almost $740 000 back in Dec of 2014.

Blood Rage – Players take control of Viking clans during Ragnarok, with the aim being to gain the most glory in battle to secure their place in Valhalla. In addition to the core set there is already 3 expansion sets (5th Player Expansion, Gods of Asgard and Mystics of Midgard) planned for release this year.

Star Wars TCG: Imperial Entanglements – Q3 will see the release of the 4th expansion to Fantasy Flight Games‘ Stars Wars TCG. The expansion focuses on the Imperial Navy and Smugglers & Spies, but all affiliations will receive cards. Included in the set is 26 new objective sets (two each of 12 sets plus one of each “limit one per objective deck”).

B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss – In the third CoolMiniOrNot announcement this week is the new “castle defence” style cooperative game. It’ll see up to six players attempting to protect the fortress of Modhelm long enough to allow the “Messenger” to escape and return with the ancient artefact to save the fortress. All while the endless hordes of the abyss storm the fortress walls.B-Seiged - Sons of the abyss

In other news:

In the latest Fantastic Four trailer Fox gives a glimpse at the characters personalities as well as the primary villain, Doctor Doom.

Attack on Titan is one of our favourite anime series and now the full English dubbed Attack on Titan trailer has been released. Even though it’ll most likely never see release in our theatres we’re still super excited for this movie.