Welcome to SCIU #56, for the week of November 3rd.

This week the following new titles were announced:

String SafariString Safari – The latest title from IDW Games & Trains designer Hisashi Hayashi has players competing to rope the most exotic animals for research purposes. The game contains two sets of rules for beginners/younger players and a more advanced set. The game is developed for 3-5 players and plays in 30 minutes.

Pandemic: State of Emergency – The latest expansion for Z-Man Games’ hit title features three new challenges. The Superbug Challenge is a fifth disease that is immune to the current treatments. The Hinterlands Challenge sees viruses jumping the species divide from animals to humans. And lastly the Emergency Events Challenge which is all about unpredictable events to keep the players on their toes.

X-Men: Mutant Revolution – The Phoenix event has occurred and now players must take on the roles of Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, or Storm in order to recruit heroes and students. Once trained these heroes will battle for the fate of mutant-kind. The gameplay is based off Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery and is intended for 2-4 players, age 14+.

The World of Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service – This steampunk board game, by CoolMiniOrNot, is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Players are gentlemen who must explore the underground shadow market in order to acquire four Artefacts for Queen Victoria. The game board is made up of 12 rotating tiles which produce an every changing maze.The World of Smog: on her Majesty's service

In other news:

Warner Bros has finally released the main trailer for the upcoming The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. It opens in theatres on December 17th.

Seems Marvel is serious about taking action on the person responsible for the leaked Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. User “John Gazelle” uploaded the trailer to Youtube the week before Marvel was intending to premiere it. They have no gotten a subpoena issued to Google to provide them with the user’s information and IP.